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12 Step Personal Coaching Program's

Our mind coaches Brad and Stef will take you on a journey of self-discovery, goal setting and self-improvement. Working with a 12-step program in any area of your life, unlock your potential and start taking action towards the life that you want.

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Conscious Hypnotherapy

The process of hypnosis involves inducing states that focus on and absorb your physiology and psychology, resulting in either negative or positive emotions. Its purpose is to help you make conscious decisions that will lead to habits formed through repetition until they become instinctive. By practicing conscious hypnosis, you can focus more on the states that produce desired results. It's important to note that we experience trance states every day, whether it's through meditation, manifestation, reflection, prayer, yoga, goal setting, or simply using our imagination. In essence, these activities are a form of hypnosis.

Our approach involves guided sessions that aid in overcoming limiting beliefs and forming positive habits, leading to a healthier mindset. It's important to keep in mind that hypnosis is a process and not a state, nor is it related to topics such as past life exploration, alien abduction, spiritual reincarnations or possession, clairvoyant state possession, psychic medium recovery, wizardry, witchcraft, tarot or astrology.

Do you dare to dream, contact us today for your conscious hypnosis experience.

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Relationship Coaching & Infidelity Recovery

We offer individual and couples sessions with our relationship coach, Stef, who can help you re-establish and strengthen your desired relationship. Stef draws from personal experiences of relationship struggles and infidelity to develop a program that aids in healing and releasing negative emotions. Additionally, our store contains a range of tools for couples who wish to stay together and rebuild intimacy in their relationship.

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Leadership & Business Coaching

Are you a leader seeking additional resources to enhance your team's performance? 

- Are you new to a leadership role? 

- Are you struggling with the "people" aspect of your existing leadership position? 

- Are poor results within your team due to a lack of communication skills? 

- Do you wish to establish a stronger leadership identity? 

- Do you desire effective communication and rapport-building skills to navigate times of rapid company change? 

- Are you seeking personal growth as a leader or looking to increase your effectiveness in team situations? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can assist you. Our 6 to 12-week program can unlock your potential and help you thrive as a leader.

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Trauma Coaching

Do you find yourself struggling with symptoms related to past trauma? Perhaps you had a difficult childhood or went through a traumatic experience that triggered your survival instincts. The constant cycle of fight-flight-freeze can greatly diminish your quality of life, making each day feel like an insurmountable challenge. Our team is here to support you in navigating through these responses and moving towards a path of healing.

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