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Weight Lifting
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Guided by a Fitness Master Trainer.

Our Mind and Body Coach Brad studied with the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) and has been in the Fitness Industry since 2018. Brad is a Master Trainer and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. Brad also holds a Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development and works with athletes in Sports Coaching, Skills Development, and Strength and Conditioning.

Brad offers 1 on 1 personal training sessions, Small group fitness sessions, online fitness coaching,


Brad is also currently studying with the Life Coaching Academy to become a Professional Coach ICF-ACTP specialising in NLP, Trauma Coaching, and, Business Coaching.

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Group Fitness Training

Come along with your family or friends to our fun and challenging group fitness sessions. 

Current program's available include:


GRITT is a total body workout with a focus on Strength and Conditioning.

How it works:

4 min work to 1 min rest ratio

1x Group warm-up consisting of Cardiovascular warmup and Stretching

4 AMRAP Stations consisting of Leg's and Bum, Pull, Push, and, Abs

1x Group Cardio Station and recovery.


Self-paced and loads of fun , RUSH is perfect for all from beginners to advanced levels of experience. RUSH is a 35min workout and best of all you can arrive and begin your journey along the runway anytime you like within 30min of the scheduled start time so if you're running late because the kids missed the bus, it's all good.

RUSH is a total body workout consisting of 10x 3min stations including Warm Up , Mobility and Stretching , Strength and Conditioning , Cardio , and, finally Recovery . Get that personal trainer attention in a group fitness setting.


You're never to old to have fun!!!! Golden Oldie's is a circuit-based workout with an equal ratio of work to rest. Each Golden Oldie's class consists of Warm Up and Stretching , Functional movement patterns to help you feel great , a bit of fun the get the blood pumping and some recovery to finish.

There are several program's in the works:


Circuit, Bootcamp & Amphit these programs, will launch around the middle of spring, keep updated on our socials for some exciting announcements and opportunities.


Mummy/Daddy & Me:

A 30min group session for Tots & Pre-schoolers & their parents/carers. An interactive move and groove session teaching, balance, strength and coordination. Suited for all abilities from 2 years (walking) through to Pre-schoolers. Games and musical fun to warm up, 6 minute circuit style station, finishing with a 5 min guided meditation.

Family HIIT:

A fast paced fun and interactive session for kid's (school aged) and their parents/older siblings/carers.

Keep an eye on our socials for details on the launch of these exciting programs.

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Online PT & Physical Assessments

Online PT & weekly check-ins with Master trainer Brad. Training catered to your journey towards your goals. For those who want some guidance in their own personal training program in their own time.

Posteral analysis & athletic assessments. Let Master trainer Brad assess your current state and assist in improving your posture and athletic abilities.

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